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Automotive News Cars in 2017

Mercedes-Maybach is really a dream car for jeep lovers. Benz has introduced a new Jeep variant car which is undeniable. The Baybach series is back with something new and it is really awesome! Benz has taken the comfort zone of Maybach G650 to next level. The Benz Landaulet has got all the top end features and specifications a customer want. Are you looking for an all-terrain vehicle? Then Mercedes Maybach Landaulet is for you and you better hurry because it is limited to just 99 units. This may be shocking but you need to hurry up if you are looking for this majestic Landaulet.

The Maybach G650 is a perfect off-road vehicle which is designed especially for it. Benz Maybach is a luxurious cum off-road vehicle and there are few of this kind but the new Maybach G650 would stand at top. The Mercedes Maybach Landaulet is powered by a V12 biturbo engine which can produce 630hp. The Maybach G650 features an electric fabric roof which can be opened for open air for rear passengers. The rear passengers have an extra comfort with amazing luxurious seating.

The rear seats offer great comfort and also a body heat massage. The landaulet comes with a massive 22-inch wheels and suits perfectly for an off-road vehicle. The rear passengers have got all the controlling options just like the front passenger and driver. Two LCD screens are placed at rear for the passengers and they can navigate, operate music controls or can simply watch anything they want. Maybach G650 is a luxurious car because there is even a glass between the driver and the rear passengers and with a single press of a button the transparent glass can turn into opaque.

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It offers a huge cabin space for the passengers and inside you can experience a great relaxation with comfortable leather seats. The rear passengers can have a separate music controls, AC’s and display screens. However the price of the Mercedes Maybach G650 is not yet announced. More features and specifications of Maybach G650 are yet to be known.

How to get to Hua Hin from Bangkok?

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is a metropolitan city. It is one of the most thriving commercial centers. In the entire nation, bangkok to hua hin occupies the topmost position in its ability to blend the old with the new. It leads to sense of adventure while sightseeing, favored by good climate and nature, thus adding the element of surprise during Bangkok travel while exploring the most fabled city of Bangkok. This wonderful city embraces modern development and in return, presents an initial picture of towering shopping plazas, thrusting office towers, world class hotels serving clients with deluxe comforts, neon lit entertainment spots and restaurants serving Thailand’s spicy specialties and national cuisines.

The mode of transportation in Bangkok is excellent. Its airports remain busy, both international and domestic terminals, thus catering to the transportation needs of the travelers on Bangkok tour and Bangkok hotels ranging from cozy suits to moderate and deluxe rooms, costing to few baths, the currency of Thailand. The important feature of these hotels is that their rooms can be booked in advance through online reservation sites to avoid any hassle for visitors. Bangkok is known for housing few best restaurants in the world. One can easily come across special cuisines in the restaurant throughout the city. Quality Thai food is easily available at all outlets, street front restaurants and markets.